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PLU5002 yellow temporary road marking tape get approval BASt test in europe in Aug 2016.

PLU5002 yellow temporary road marking tape passed the BASt test in Aug 2016, the approval number is 2015 1VF 09.17. the product get P6. 
PLU5002 meets requirements for traffic category: Type II, P6, also meets following categories according to DIN EN 1436:                                                    
                                                            Condition as new:       Value in use:                     
     Skid Resistance                                       ≥ S 1                     S 2                          
     Night Visibility – dry road                         R 5                   R 5                         
     Night Visibility – wet road                      RW 6                 RW 6                        
     Daytime Visibility                                       Q 3                  Q 3                          
     Color Coordinates                                       Y2                   

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